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Matt specializes in helping photographer just like you, book more clients now.  Business is not hard, if you book more clients and make more money per client, you will take more home to your family.  

Book More

The more clients you book, the more money you make.  It is that simple.  Stay busy; that is the secret. 

Sale More

Focus on sales.  Maximize every client you get in the door.  Why do your biggest spenders always send  you a thank you note?  Crazy right?

Be Home More

Family first always.  They have your back and you will need them.  Never put a client in front of time with your family.  Life is too short.

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A Dead Simple Approach

This crazy simple marketing strategy helps me book over 200 clients a year.  Mostly while I sleep.  Watch this completely free video and book more clients now.

Real Life Experience Matters

Matt and his wife have run a studio in Durango, CO since 2007.  They have lived the ups and downs.  They have tried it all.  They speak from experience and want to help photographers find the business they love.  Matt is here to help.  Being a solo photographer can be lonely; book a chat and see if he can help.

3000 +

Paying Sessions Booked

750,000 +

Images Captured for Clients

5000+ hrs

 In Person Sales Meetings

$2.5 Million +

In Portrait Sales

Free Resources to Help You

Marketing Tips, Book More Now

Tip #1

72 Hour Sale

A quick sale that we do to jump start our senior season.  Easy to put in place and very effective.

Tip #2

Instagram Bridge Page

This is a quick tip to convert more people from your instagram to becoming customers.

Tip #3

Direct Mail to New Home Owners

We are doing direct mail again.  See what we are doing to mix it up.

In a time where photography education can be boring and without tested results, Matt is a breath of fresh air! He is able to show you how to grow your business and think differently about how to market in an oversaturated market.

Jessica Robertson, Shoot it Straight with Jessica


Just a sample of our work from our studio.  Like I said before, we are doing this everyday just like you.  We are not just coaching and teaching, we are living it.

Listen in to my weekly photography podcast


I host a weekly podcast for photographers.  We interview profitable photographers on what is working now in their business.  

Frequently asked questions

Here are a few answers to our most common questions

Are you a full time photographer?

How can you help me?

Do you speak from stage?

I do.  I will be at SYNC this year and a number of state PPA groups.  Send me a message if you are looking to book me.  

What lab to do you use?

What camera do you use?

What is your favorite color?

Orange.  Hence the website!

Meet Matt 

My wife and I own Allison Ragsdale Photography in Durango, CO. Our profitable studio supports both of our incomes. Allison never wanted to do anything besides be a photographer. She earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Photography and began work as a photographer right out of college.

I, on the other hand, took more of a less direct path to where we are today. In college, I managed a camera store. After we moved to Durango, I taught high school math. I hope that my management expertise, teaching skills, and marketing know-how will help you in your journey.

I wish I could say I stumbled upon a magic formula that helped us succeed, but the reality is that I’m no different from you. Our studio has a lot of competition and everyone in our market is a photographer. Over time, I’ve discovered how to refine and promote our product to attract and retain customers. My goal is to share what I’ve learned with you to help you focus on your business and make a difference for your family. When you can make money doing what you love, you can stop struggling and start enjoying your work again..

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